Put NC First

Put NC First (PNCF) is a network of people and organizations committed to building an effective, progressive ecosystem that delivers electoral and policy wins for the people of North Carolina.

In Put NC First’s vision for North Carolina, its people live healthier lives full of opportunity and free from oppression and violence.

The state’s revenue system is stable and progressive, its schools lead the nation in achievement and equity, and its economy builds broad prosperity. Its natural beauty is protected from the mountains to the sea, its people have access to clean air and water, and its communities are prepared for the challenges of climate change. It reckons with and strives to repair the impact of racial injustice in its past and its present.

Investment Priorities

  • Ensure that North Carolina is home to a high-functioning, coordinated political, advocacy, and civic engagement ecosystem that operates from a shared strategy, utilizes modern campaign practices, and is representative and accountable to those it aims to serve, including communities of color, young people and women.

  • Build and support a strong and diverse network of elected and appointed leaders who work in partnership with progressive advocates and organizations to advance a progressive vision for North Carolina’s future.

  • Invest in continuous research and communications capacity that meets short-term goals while also working to shift public opinion toward progressives over the long term.

  • Protect and strengthen North Carolina’s democracy, and protect the right of all its citizens to participate in the democratic process. 

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